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    How does Health Insurance work? How you can get the most out of your Health Plan. What is a PPO and an HMO? How do Deductibles and Copays work? The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare

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Thank you for your interest in an Individual Health quote! Individual health plans are available from a number of high-quality carriers. Some of these carriers include but are not limited to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan* , Aetna, and Priority Health.  You can buy your individual health plans with or without the Government’s help. The government subsidy dollars depend on your annual household income. The two purchasing ways are described below:

  1. "On Exchange" or "On the Marketplace" Plans - When you enroll in these plans our site will ask you some personal financial questions and direct you to the government website if you are eligible. We are available to help fill out the questions required or to take the information over the phone to assist you in the application for the government subsidy plans. These plans are identical to the private market plans. The only difference is how much you pay for these plans and the qualifications you must provide in order to receive the government subsidy dollars. The monthly premiums for “On Exchange” Plans are partial paid for by the Federal Government IF you Qualify. You will still need to pay your reduced premiums each and every month to maintain the coverage.
  2. "Off Exchange" / "Off the Marketplace" or "Private Insurance" - If you instead would like to buy your insurance without the government’s help you can run quotes and apply "Off Exchange" or "Off the Marketplace". These plans you can enroll in at any time and do not have government involvement. These plans will require you to pay the full premium amount each and every month to maintain the coverage.


Individual Medical Open Enrollment is October 15th - December 15th. To see if you qualify for a special Open Enrollment Click Here.


Individual Medical Plans, On and Off Exchange, (Qualifying event required outside of open enrollment)


Short-Term Medical plans, pre-existing conditions excluded (Availible anytime)


Child Only Medical Plans, (Qualifying Event required outside of Open Enrollment)



Keep in mind your coverage is not effective until you pay for the coverage and receive approval with the date specified by the carrier. DO NOT CANCEL YOUR CURRENT COVERAGE BEFORE RECEIVING APPROVAL FROM THE INSURANCE CARRIER.


Please allow between 10 to 45 days for your application to be processed. You can call our office at any time during this process with questions or information regarding your status!


Should you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to call our sales and underwriting department at (800) 538-6040. Thank you for selecting DFBenefits, Inc. to serve your insurance needs.



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